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Kitty’s First Vet Visit: What to Expect after Deworming a Kitten

When you bring a kitten into your home, one of the first steps in ensuring their health and happiness is taking them for their first vet visit. This important appointment includes a thorough health check-up and, often, deworming. Deworming is a key part of your kitten’s health care routine, as it helps to rid their little bodies of worms that can affect their growth and overall health. If you’re curious about what to expect after deworming a kitten or need more information, our team at Lakeland Animal Clinic in Lakeland, FL, is here to guide you. Feel free to call us at (863) 688-3338 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. We’re here to support you and your new pet every step of the way.

Understanding Deworming

Deworming is a treatment to eliminate internal parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, that can live in your kitten’s intestines. These parasites can cause a range of health issues, from poor growth and development to serious digestive problems. Deworming medication is usually given orally, and it’s effective at killing these unwanted guests. However, it’s normal to have questions about what comes after this treatment.

Post-Deworming: What to Expect

After deworming, you might notice some changes in your kitten’s behavior or in their litter box habits. This is normal and usually not a cause for alarm. Here are a few things you might observe:

  1. Lethargy: Your kitten may seem a bit more tired than usual for a day or two after receiving deworming medication. This is typically nothing to worry about, but if you’re concerned, we’re just a call away.
  2. Changes in Appetite: Some kittens might have a decrease in appetite. Keep an eye on their eating habits, and if you notice they’re not eating at all for more than a day, give us a call.
  3. Visible Worms in Stool: It can be a little unsettling, but seeing worms in your kitten’s stool after deworming is a sign that the medication is working. These should decrease and disappear within a few days.
  4. Diarrhea: Mild diarrhea is another common side effect of deworming. Ensure your kitten stays hydrated, and if diarrhea persists or is severe, contact us.
  5. Vomiting: Though less common, some kittens may vomit after deworming. If it happens more than once or continues, it’s best to consult with us.

Keeping Your Kitten Healthy After Deworming

Deworming is just the first step in your kitten’s health care journey. Here are a few tips on how to keep your kitten healthy post-deworming:

  • Follow-up Visits: Make sure to keep up with any scheduled follow-up visits. These appointments allow us to check on your kitten’s progress and ensure that the deworming was successful.
  • Regular Vet Check-ups: Bringing your kitten in for regular check-ups is key to maintaining their health. These visits help catch any potential issues early and keep your kitten on the right track for a long, happy life.
  • Proper Nutrition: Feeding your kitten a balanced diet that’s appropriate for their age, size, and health needs is essential. If you’re unsure about the best food for your kitten, we’re happy to provide recommendations.
  • Vaccinations: Keeping up with your kitten’s vaccination schedule is crucial for protecting them against various diseases. We’ll work with you to ensure your kitten receives all the necessary vaccinations at the right times.

The Importance of a Supportive Vet Team

At Lakeland Animal Clinic, we understand how much your kitten means to you. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing the care and support you need to navigate your kitten’s health and development. From deworming to vaccinations and beyond, we’re here to offer expert advice and compassionate care.

If you have any questions about what to expect after deworming a kitten, or if you want to schedule your kitten’s next appointment, please call us at (863) 688-3338. Our team at Lakeland Animal Clinic is committed to supporting you and your kitten every step of the way, ensuring a healthy start to a wonderful life together.

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