dog imaging in lakeland, fl

Cat & Dog Imaging
in Lakeland, FL:
Helps Make Early Detection Possible

Our hospital is equipped to offer several diagnostic options to help pets that are either healthy or sick. The purpose of using cat and dog imaging and diagnostics is twofold: to screen healthy patients for evidence of parasites and potential problems, and to diagnose and help us treat pets with an acute or chronic illness. Standard physical exams are limited in what they can reveal and are often just the first step in making a precise diagnosis. Call Lakeland Animal Clinic today at (863) 688-3338.

doctor looking through microscrope

The Tools We Use

With diagnostics, we can evaluate your pet’s health internally without having to resort to surgery or other more invasive methods. Lakeland Animal Clinic can provide in-house lab testing and X-ray services to give your pet the best possible care.

Answering Important Health Questions

In certain cases, pets that are ill may not show any obvious outward signs. Even after an exam, your pet’s condition may leave us with more questions than answers. Pet diagnostics give us the ability to take the necessary extra steps to uncover the problem, identify it clearly, and propose a safe and reasonable treatment.

Call us at (863) 688-3338 if your pet is due for their yearly parasite screen or seems to be ill. We look forward to helping them stay healthy for as long as possible!