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Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Lakeland, FL are Important for Every Pet

While pets may come in various shapes and sizes, they all need protection from the diseases that dwell in their environment. Rabies and distemper are some of the most dangerous diseases our pets can face. Lyme disease, a tick-borne virus, and leptospirosis, a bacterial disease, may also be risks for your pet. At Lakeland Animal Clinic, we have seen how these diseases can affect not only pets but humans, too!

To know what their (and your) most important health risks are, we need to evaluate your pet’s lifestyle and find out what diseases are prevalent in your area. We want your family to stay safe! Call us today at (863) 688-3338.

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How Vaccines Work

Vaccines increase immunity to various diseases. Vaccinating your pet gives them additional protection against potentially fatal viruses like rabies, distemper, leukemia, and others. Vaccines contain antigens that stimulate an immune system reaction. Antibodies are produced to identify and destroy the antigens, preventing them from taking over and infecting the body.

Please contact us at (863) 688-3338 if you have any questions about pet vaccinations.

Vaccines and Their Timelines for Dogs and Cats

We follow AAHA’s Canine and Feline Vaccination Guidelines. These dictate that rabies and distemper (DA2PP for dogs and FVRCP for cats) are essential or ‘core’ vaccines for dogs and cats. In addition to core pet vaccinations, we also offer lifestyle-based or ‘noncore’ vaccines.

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